Oakwood Golf Course  
Conrad Grove Recreation Club

Thinking about becoming a member at Oakwood Golf Course? Now is the time to do it! All first year members receive 50% off their membership price!  

If you are unable to pay in full, we do accept monthly payments! Please feel free to contact the clubhouse with ANY questions regarding membership! 

Membership Options 2019

​Family Membership  $625.00
This includes anyone living in one home together, but only children up to age 26

Single Membership$512.00
Any one person, not in college

Junior Membership$137.00
Anyone 18-25 who are currently enrolled in college

Junior High/High School$70.00
Anyone in 14-18 currently enrolled in high school

Distant Membership$178.00
Anyone who is 50 miles from Conrad

Anyone who is a full member at another course

Social/Local $70.00
Anyone who lives in Conrad/Beaman area who don’t golf, but want to be apart of the club.
They will have to pay Green Fees when golfing. Price is per person, just double for a couple.

Stock Fee $50.00
One time fee for new members only.

Cart Fees
Shed Rental $90.00
Electricity $50.00
Capital Assessment Fee $75.00

Annual Rental Cart Fee -  $300.00
Renting of Golf Cart from Club all year long with proof of purchase

**All Memberships are taxable at 7%

​If you plan to pay your dues in full, they are due no later than May 31. If you plan to make automatic monthly payments through your bank, dues must be paid in full by December 31. 

If dues are not paid in full, or arrangements not made for monthly payments by May 31, members do not have the right to use the facility.  

If you have any questions about Membership Fees, please contact the Oakwood Manager.